Monday, March 25, 2013

mrs flannery's

We were in need of a short outing. We didn't have the time or energy to go far, but needed a change of scenery.
 Mrs Flannery's is just a short stroll from our place, and it has a teeny tiny (but colourful, fun, shaded and enclosed) playground. Perfect for an apple snack and a some climbing over, under, through and around. 
Amazingly, he walked (holding my hand) ALL the way home! I only had to redirect him a couple of times (from pebble gardens, gate latches, flowers, a motorbike and a staring stand-off with a neighbour's dog - baby grinning excitedly on one side of the fence, barky dog on other side, fervently urging us to move on). 
It'll certainly be trickier when he realises (remembers) that he can walk that far without my steady hand. I'll miss all the hand holding!

White bliss balls. They're healthy if they're from a health food shop, right?