Tuesday, March 26, 2013

montville weekend


His Nanma and Pa have been married for 40 years!
 Their kids and grandkids treated them to a romantic long-weekend away in Montville, in a gorgeous house with a huge deck, overlooking a picturesque valley with no sign of other humans. Except that we (their daughter, two sons, two daughters-in-law and two baby grandsons) all came along! How romantic.
He had a blast, showing off all of his new tricks to his adoring captive audience, holding so many willing hands for walks, watching the birds up close on the feeders, reading books, exploring a new place, having some naked time on the deck (with his first ever squat poop - quite a noteworthy event for the onlookers though I'm not sure if he even noticed).

Despite it being a work weekend for me (my pretty little laptop and I had some quiet, productive sessions in the mornings and evenings) I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend away, with lovely company (babysitters), a gorgeous setting and tasty food. This photo shows my very favourite moments of the weekend.