Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Park Play. Sooo many parks! Sooo many picnics in parks! Sooo many birds to hear, kids to watch, pram wheels to inspect, dry leaves to crunch, puppies to giggle at, friends to play with and climb on, picnic rugs to dribble on, sunglasses to destroy, people to grin at...

Park Run. Went with a friend to Parkrun (a weekly, free, timed 5km run along the river). We decided that the fact that we were able to chat the whole way was an indication that we were extra fit, not that we were walking too much or running too slow. 
I've been running (shuffling) 5km every other morning since we got home from the USA. I won't lie and say it feels incredible, but it doesn't feel awful and a small part of me enjoys doing it.
 This is a picture of that small part.