Monday, November 12, 2012


He loves his own reflection! We adore the new installation at the State Library. Remi and three of his best friends all played in the mirror maze on Thursday but it was quite clear which little stripey one loved it the most. He also loves to play with his mirror at home. Frequently. I'm glad that he really seems to like that cute little baby that he sees everywhere!

The idea of this he&me project is that - now that he and I have spent 9 months being very attached (oh that umbilical cord) and another 9 months being fairly attached (we hang out day and night) - I want to make sure that I regularly reflect on and acknowledge that there is 'me' stuff, separate from the 'he' stuff. Big or small stuff. I'm finding that it feels very healthy and refreshing to do this, and I'm finding that I have to be quite intentional about it or it can be tricky to find the 'me' to highlight. Which, I guess, is the point.