Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We see them most days in the park. He just likes to watch them watching him. (I watch him watch them watch him).

Every single time that I see these mini-dinosaurs I (quite understandably - read on) have vivid flash-backs to the Double Dragon Lap Land Incident of 2011 (seriously, every single time - this has not diminished with frequency of seeing them). I was quite balloony-pregnant and immobile, sitting on the ground with legs stretched out under the shade of a tall leafy tree, with two friends and their beautiful children. Suddenly, like a bolt of scaly lightning, two massive reptiles, locked in a wrestling embrace, fell from the tall leafy tree to land with a thump directly on my lap. I screamed, my friends deftly bolted from either side of me (with complementary screams) and the dinosaurs quickly recovered and hot-tailed it out of there. I was still unable to move (due to a combination of shock and massive boy-child growing inside me), sitting there alone with my legs stretched out, reclining under the shady tree, laughing hysterically. Can I just stress that the one pictured above is a very small specimen, whereas the TWO that fell from the heavens onto me were very large. I have witnesses.