Monday, October 12, 2015


He helped make her birthday cakes. He decided on merry-go-round cakes, with animals, sticks and a roof. He found the bits and we assembled them together! We shared one cake with our playgroup friends on Wednesday afternoon and one with family friends on her birthday evening.


She woke uncharacteristically early, ready to party! She and I then spent a couple of hours roaming the neighbourhood, soaking up the gorgeous dawn, pressing pedestrian crossing buttons for as long as she wanted (an excellent time-passer), finding edible plants and herbs in neighbour's gardens to taste, touching trees and fences, waving at early birds hurrying off to work, having a coffee at the Little Prince and picking up some groceries at the fruit shop, before heading home to see if the day had started for the rest of the family (it hadn't). She checked out the new playground at South Bank with her Daddy and then met me at book club where she continued to be spoiled by the sweetest of friends. The big birthday culminated in a curry dinner with old pals. Happy Birthday, Little She!

I can't take credit for the very witty title today - it was written in a birthday card that she received. It was a long day, but a good one! She's such great company. During our early morning adventures I had a little break at the Little Prince when she took Chris, the barista, for a walk while I sat at the back of the cafe and sipped my coffee.

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