Tuesday, October 13, 2015


His Daddy pulled him out of bed the other night to watch the Bee Man split our native bee hive. It was fascinating!

Her face says it all...

It was one of those awkward conversations (everyone has them, right?), where I'm a few steps behind but am pretending I'm not... It was night time, I had just emerged from saying 'good night' to the little people. I thought I heard someone call 'Hello?' so looked out the front. There was no one at the door but there was a car parked in front of our house, with its passenger door open and a lady was crouching down, photographing our mosaic/herb garden, no one was in the driver's seat. I heard the 'Hello' again, louder, and realised it was coming from the back door. I hurried that way and assumed it was a friend - because, who else would be at our back door at night? However I found a stranger, an older man with a well-worn sun hat and a farm-ish shirt. 

And a friendly grin: "Hi, I'm Don!" 

He said it as if I was expecting him, so I played along, furiously sifting through my memory for a clue while returning his smile and answering, "Hi Don, how are you doing?" 

"Good, thanks. Nice to meet you. Is he ready?" 

"Nice to meet you too. Ummm... he's just finishing a bed time story... I can... ummm... let him know you're here...?" 

"Yeah, thanks. I'll get ready then. Can you just show me where it is?" Ahhhhh! Where WHAT is?

"Umm..." I thought I was found out, but, just in the nick of time, I recalled a conversation from a few nights earlier. "...Yes, Don-the-Bee-Man, I CAN show you. Because I absolutely DO know who you are and why you are standing here at my back door in the dark. You'll find the native bee hive just over there, under the tree, and you can definitely start preparing to split it, as previously arranged." Phew. That was a close one.

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