Wednesday, March 18, 2015


His special skill right now is reading sentences! We make magnet messages on the fridge for each other. I love that he doesn't really realise that this (at his age) is particularly clever or interesting - it's all very matter-of-fact.

She rolls! Wriggle, wriggle, kick, kick, wriggle, grunt, roll, grunt, get those arms out, big proud smile, all done! Once she realised that she had this skill yesterday, she just kept rolling for the rest of the day, back to front. 

Hmmm... I should have thought this through before naming this blog post 'Skills'. What share-worthy skills do I have at the moment? Ummm... Until recently I could definitely get the biggest smile out of our baby. Is that a skill? (Doesn't matter now because her brother has definitely taken over that claim - the two of them spent 5-10 minutes, before bedtime last night, in great hysterics, big belly laughs, egging each other on. She adores him and everything he does is hilarious and wonderful.) Back to my skills... with you, internet, as my witness, I hereby resolve to pick up the ukulele regularly again and develop my very rudimentary skills!

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