Monday, March 16, 2015



 He played at the train museum with his Daddy and Grandparents (as usual, avoiding the scary big trains and preferring the toy trains and activities), followed by a visit to Queen's Park for the big playground and the nature centre (visiting the Aussie animals but particularly interested in the squeaky gate on exit).

She spent the morning charming the various op shop ladies, then off to the park to charm her grandparents.

As soon as the boys got season passes to the railway museum at the start of the year, I began imagining a future of regular op shopping sessions in Ipswich while they played with trains. I consulted the one person that I knew could give me solid guidance about charity stores in Ipswich (but who actually resides as far away from the place as she could while still calling Australia home), who promptly replied with maps and comments. I finally got to put her expertise to use on Saturday! My little She and I strolled and browsed, spending a total of $3.20 before finding a comfortable cafe (chosen for the fact that it has the same calendar as us) so that we could both have a drink. She then napped while I got stuck into reading 'The Narrow Road to the Deep North', before heading to the park for picnic lunch and wildlife watching.

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