Saturday, January 3, 2015

the rest of radelaide


Truck watching with Granny, bubble chasing with friends, op shopping with Auntie, playing with Grandpa (some of the toys are as old as Grandpa, made by MY Grandpa), adopting Kanga (my beloved bin and friend from childhood) sleeping and playing on my old bunk bed (usually right down the hidden end).


More cuddles, of course!


I used our Radelaide trip to further my quest to understand coffee drinking, which began a couple of years ago but hadn't actually progressed further until I consumed 5 or 6 mochas in the time since she was born. Someone then suggested that half-strength cappuccinos may be the next step and I am proud to say that, in the past week, I have had FOUR! And I didn't hate them. However, one evening (at a cafe with a pal while the kiddies slept at Granny, Grandpa and Auntie's place) the menu offered mug-sized babyccinos (with 3 marshmallows) and I couldn't refuse. It wasn't so different from the half-strength cappuccino, just a little bit yummier.

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