Sunday, January 4, 2015

flying home

 He knew that it was his special responsibility to remember to bring Giraffey when we left for the airport. The problem is that Giraffey is so crucial that he is carted from room to room and can't be left with the pile of bags that will definitely be put into the car. Unsurprisingly, when we left for the airport with Grandpa, Giraffey wasn't with us. Thankfully, Granny found him hanging out in the lounge room, drove to where my sis was shopping, then the two of them drove to the airport to reunite He and Giraffey just as we were heading through the security screening. Phew. His time on the plane was a happy experience, if you erase the first half hour or the last 5 minutes. He wasn't allowed to sit on Daddy's lap (which they let him do on the previous flight) for take-off, and he was incredibly scared and incredibly screamy about this. It was horribly sad. Prior to landing, we clarified that they have recently changed their policy on the use of electronic devices, so he watched Playschool - on his own seat - and we had a very uneventful descent. After landing, however, he turned his attention to the safety information card, decided it was the best read of 2014 and was thoroughly upset when asked to put it back in the seat pocket and exit the plane.

She slept the entire time, and I didn't take a picture. So this is another picture from our flight the previous week. Awwww...


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