Wednesday, January 28, 2015


He embraced this bizarre world of white goods with a grin of cheeky mischief, happily exploring the glossy ravines and munching on his Vegemite sandwich.

She kept me company while I emptied the thawing contents of the old freezer/fridge into boxes and eskies.

The fridge was working fine a week ago. Then we noticed that a hinge was a little cracked, and within a couple of days the freezer door had fallen off, the fridge was constantly beeping to tell us to shut the door and the repair man informed us that there was no hope (and charged us $80 for his effort). So, obviously, we went away for the long weekend and hoped that we would return to find that it had miraculously healed itself. Nope. B recalled hearing about a magical place nearby that restores and sells 2nd-hand ones - which seemed like a great option. So, after swimming lesson yesterday, I took the munchkins to explore this wonderful, cavernous, slightly scary, run-down-in-an-intriguing-kind-of-way, wooden Queenslander, growing a thick crop of washing machines where the rose bushes should be. 


  1. Interesting front "garden" :)
    totally not the point of the post...and I hope all is sorted now...but that bassinet/rocker Daisy is in...I reckon we had one when we were kids...where did you find it!?

    1. Hello! The bouncer is a Kloeden special! It's so lovely. Just saw the picture of your gorgeous bump! xxx

  2. I will have to scourer the op shops :)
    Thank you xxx