Friday, January 23, 2015

another week


- He has added a pterodactyl cape and sparkly skirt to his standard 'Dorothy' outfit.
- He made his own little garden, with stones, pinecones, plants, petrified wood, shells, watering can etc. which his friends gave him for his birthday. 
- The 'little lego' currently lives on our dining table. He happily fiddles with it during every meal (and before and after). He's not the only one.

She has a new favourite toy - this scarf! Here she is, taking a break between browsing the $1 section and the expensive section, at her first ever Lifeline Bookfest! So exciting.


- It was our 15 year wedding anniversary. That is a lot of years! B bought surprise tickets to Thriller Live at QPAC. But it was easier to get a Lion King photo for the blog. It was much, much fun. 
- For the past week I've watched as my the lillies opened wider and wider to an impossible hugeness! Magic.
- I continued my coffee quest.
- I shopped at my friend's Free Shop (give-away piles) and came home with swimmers, pyjamas, shirts, dresses, matryoshka measuring cups and beach cricket gear. Not a bad haul! In an effort to maintain equilibrium, I also took a box of our stuff to the op shop.

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