Monday, November 17, 2014

g20 week

He and his Dad rode into the city one evening to soak up the G20 'cultural' fun and lights. 
He had such good fun swimming at South Bank on our bonus public holiday. Saw police boats, police cars, police helicopters, police horses, undercover (but not very) police...
And he watched more TV than he ever has - The ABC coverage was playing in our lounge room most of the long weekend and he repeated names of countries when he recognised them. He now realises that one of our chickens (Bwwwaaak Obama) was named after a world leader. This, apparently, was quite a revelation!

She cuddled her brave friend at the hospital, played with friends at the park, experienced her first 39 degree day, smiled, slept soundly (probably due to the endless 'white noise' of helicopters overhead), grew, remained completely adorable...


We had friends visit from the Barossa, Canada and Broome. And skype visits from Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Whyalla. Practically our own G20 right there! 
Also found some moments for napping...

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