Thursday, November 6, 2014


Clearly, reading is a dangerous sport in our house - safety clothing required. He's been enthusiastic about reading again for the last few months. He knows a number of 'sight words' that he's memorised and can 'read' when he sees them in different contexts. But he's now also begun sounding out new words. It catches me by surprise every time. This week, as he was drinking his juice box, he read the name of the juice: V8. Which is pretty straightforward if you know your letters and numbers. But then he looked more closely and said, "That says 'fat', Mummy!" My unbelieving self replied, "Does it? Show me." So he did, on the nutritional information panel.
Update: Today he saw this sign-converted-into-a-cute-seat at the cafe and sounded it out correctly!

She's growing! The midwife visited yesterday, and our little girl weighed almost 4.5 kg. Her cheeks and thighs are her most pinchably chubby features. Gorgeous.


When I was finally finished with food restrictions due to pregnancy, and then due to gestational diabetes, eating was such a pleasure again! It was just so liberating to devour a fatty dessert, white tim tam, soft cheese, icecream or bowl of pasta. BUT now She has a relentless yeast infection on her tongue, so I'm currently cutting out that good stuff from my diet again...! Luckily, my low yeast/sugar breakfasts are pretty delicious: natural yogurt, LSA, almonds, walnuts and blueberries.

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