Monday, November 10, 2014

dazza gig

 He wore his dinosaur gear. He watched, unblinking, for the entire show, sometimes tapping his feet. Watching live music is serious stuff. In preparation for the show, we told him the story of his first Darren Hanlon gig, when he was nearly 1 year old, and he now frequently requests its retelling, or repeats it, himself, in detail (although he's added one extra 'detail' - claiming that he requested that Dazza perform "Jack and Jill"). It's particularly cute when he calls, with a broad grin, "Security!"

Her first festival, she hung out with friends and partied pretty hard.

Seriously. Could anything be more perfect than a music/food festival in our very own neighbourhood, with our beloved Darren Hanlon playing, for free? Only when all this happens AND Dazza is playing at the most respectable time of 5.30pm! Wonderful, wonderful.

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