Tuesday, September 16, 2014

slight progress

He made the slightest progress with scooter-riding on the weekend! He asked to bring his scooter along on our family walk. We should have known that this in no way indicated an intention to ride it (in a conventional fashion). He played with the wheels and brake, sat on the handle stick, rode it like a horsey, pulled it and pushed it, took off the handle stick so that he could ride the base as a skateboard, then gave up the skateboard to drag around the handle stick. And he did (briefly) stand on the scooter with both feet while he let his dad drive it.

One of my ongoing goals is to make the front of our house a little prettier (no mean feat). We built our "Free Herbs" garden soon after moving in and knocked out some of the unnecessary concrete and blocks. We have slow-moving plans for a mosaic project. The latest idea was to add some beauty to (or distraction from) the ugliest stairs in the world, so I've been collecting coloured pots and some happy-to-be-mostly-shaded-and-neglected plants from garage sales and fetes, and now have enough for one per stair. I think it's very pretty and welcoming, so we've made a little progress!