Monday, September 15, 2014



 We checked out the beautiful 'Exxopolis' tent/tunnel/art installation on Friday afternoon with friends, as part of the Brisbane Festival. It took him a little while to warm up - it was a pretty strange experience to step into - but soon let go of my hand and took the lead through the tunnels. He loved the colours and shapes, loved feeling the surfaces (with his bare feet and hands), loved exploring it all with his friends. He was happy to stay there for quite a while, only asking to leave when he needed refreshments.


 I thought it was just stunning! The artists managed to create a serene, relaxed, eerie atmosphere which still felt energetic, positive, uplifting. So pretty. That's my belly bump in the first 'me' photo - little girl loved it. Actually, a few of my friends commented that it felt like they were in the womb, or wandering around inside blood vessels, etc. I definitely recommend it - apparently it's traveling around the world! Also, it makes for great photos.