Monday, September 8, 2014

fathers' day

He went shopping with his Daddy for a new laptop backpack on Saturday, and insisted on carrying it on his own back for the entire 15 minute walk back to the car. It came down past his knees, knocking against his calves on each little step, pretty funny! I wasn't sure he'd give it up but (thankfully) was happy to hand it over for Fathers' Day yesterday morning. He also gave Dad the customary packet of peanut m&m's, but then declared that... "no, they're not Daddy's emmy-ems, they're my emmy-ems" and promptly disappeared out of the room with them. We found him sitting at the kitchen table, trying to put them into his 'emmy-em' dispenser (which has only ever held nuts - so far). He was eventually persuaded that the 'emmy-ems' were not his, and not for breakfast (except for the two that he successfully negotiated - Dad's a softie).

Evening skype chats to Adelaide and Toowoomba to say Happy Fathers' Day!


We had the loveliest visit from his cousin, aunt and uncle! Gosh it was nice to spend the morning with our visitors and friends.