Sunday, September 7, 2014

environmental advocate

We found out that he was one of the winners in B's work's environmental photography competition - which was open to children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews of Honeywell employees. (An unnamed insider tells me that all entrants were winners - each receiving Australian Geographic gift cards - Yippee!) The kids were asked to photograph something in the environment that they consider 'worth saving'. His photograph (above) shows the olive groves at Boonah - I'm pleased that he thinks olives are important enough to save! He also had to answer a couple of questions:
Why is it important to look after the environment?
- The silly flowers. I like eating tomatoes from the garden. I like trees in the forrest.
What can I do to help the environment?
- We put some water on the garden so it stays happy. We live on Planet Earth. I saw Planet Earth in a book. 

Due to my ties with the unnamed insider, I'm going to be compiling a 2015 calendar with all of the photo entries. I wonder if they'll give me an Australian Geographic voucher, too?

B was interviewed for a Melbourne community radio program recently, following his heavy involvement with the Brisbane launch of BZE's (Beyond Zero Emissions) High Speed Rail plan. You can stream the radio interview hereOur coming-soon baby has been generously involved in all of this, too - selflessly offering her own bedroom to store towers of boxes full of BZE gear since the launch.