Saturday, August 2, 2014


 He loved playing with his 'big' friends!

Best ever kid cafe - the Story Tree.


We play this game with our Toowoomba friends each year, where we look at our calendars and find a weekend that both families are free, pencil it in as a weekend to play together, then as it approaches someone is busy... gets sick... goes overseas for work... etc. And we re-look at calendars and re-pencil in another weekend. I think it was only our 2nd attempt at a weekend away together this year, and we all made it to a very pretty olive grove cottage in Boonah last weekend. It was lovely. I am also a complete convert to Boonah and I think it's the best place for a weekend away with munchkins! It has the most kid-friendly cafe I've ever been to (just doors along from a massive op shop) and also the most kid-friendly pub. And, of course, country markets, roadside produce stalls, mountain biking, hikes, stunning views. Oh, wonderful Boonah!