Friday, August 1, 2014

big things happening around here


There was a CEMENT MIXER AT OUR NEIGHBOUR'S PLACE YESTERDAY MORNING!!! Oh my (his) goodness! He sat on the footpath and watched and grinned and commentated. And then ANOTHER one came along! Oh, life is good.

Following blood tests a couple of weeks ago, it turns out that I have gestational diabetes. Which means (I think) that the placenta is doing its job, growing the baby, but is trying to fatten it up too much, by blocking the action of my insulin and sucking in all of the sugar. So my body makes extra insulin, but it can't lower my blood glucose levels like it should. Then my high blood glucose level is passed onto the baby. Which isn't good. So I have to change my diet a little, and monitor my blood glucose level 4 times a day. To do that I get to play with a couple of new gadgets. Which is still a bit interesting for me - and extremely interesting for little onlookers. And it should all be over the moment Little Girl is born. This is the big thing that's dominating my days at the moment, it's fine - it just requires extra thought and constant planning!