Friday, July 11, 2014


There's a 3-week break from swimming lessons, so we've actually had to think about how to fill our Tuesday mornings. This week I remembered that South Bank's Kids' Club has free activities on Tuesdays, so we wandered down to see what their July program involved. There were a few different activities and crafts, but he was content to spend the entire morning in the ball pit. He was absolutely thrilled. He even, voluntarily and repeatedly, climbed out to pick up the mess of balls which had been thrown out of the pit, and passed me any misshapen balls that he discovered, confident that I could make them perfectly round again. (With a bit of finessing, and due to the glorious gift of extensive-time-sitting-still, which I was granted through his decision to stay in one place for so long, I usually could. Phew.)

There really is something about stripes on an expanding baby-belly.