Saturday, July 12, 2014

new room

A recent miraculous transformation of our former (largely ignored) store-room means that he actually has his own real bedroom. With a real bed! And a real door that really closes! And real cupboards which store his stuff! And a real door! And real space to play. And did I mention the door? His first four night-sleeps in his big bed have been PERFECT. Jury is still out on day-sleeps, though he's happy to stay/play on his bed for a couple of hours of 'rest' - which is almost as good as a sleep.

This has been a major feature of the past months at our home. It was a mammoth effort - discarding/recycling/donating/selling/freecycling carloads of clothes, furniture (including nine separate shelving units which previously lined the walls of the store room), books, toys, stationery, linen, craft supplies, teacher resources, CDs/DVDs and other technology... We had built-ins installed in 2 rooms and everything that had not been discarded was given a home behind the tidy sliding doors. It was a frustrating and tedious job but incredibly liberating and satisfying. And we really couldn't wait too much longer to clear enough space for him to call a real bedroom, leaving the little sun room/nook with the cot and change table for his little sister.