Wednesday, July 2, 2014


 Blue and wonderful. Bliss.

We have always loved taking our own little bucket to Flannery's, waiting as they pour peanuts into their machine, and watching our bucket fill up with delicious, 100% peanut, peanut butter. Apparently we're not the only ones -  last week the entire store was completely sold out of peanuts AND peanut butter. We were distraught. Our family will truly not survive a day without the stuff (this is a theory, we've never dared to actually test it, too risky) so, not to be beaten, we regrouped and wandered down to the fruit shop to buy peanuts, hurried home and blended our own in our magical food-zhooshing device. It is perfect! Obviously it is also all gone. Will make more this evening. We're yet to 'crunch' the numbers, but this may become our newest favourite home-made staple.