Thursday, June 26, 2014

when left alone

We really do love our 'Babycam', for many reasons. One reason is the priceless entertainment factor! He quite enjoys his pre-sleep time, which can last for a long while, and we get to watch some hilarious antics without interrupting, we get to see how he entertains himself and interacts with his toys/friends, we get to see what's happening when it gets noisy (usually singing, recalling conversations or yelling random statements/commands/wishes), AND - importantly - what's happening when the room goes quiet. Sometimes quietness indicates sleepiness, but often it means he's reading himself a story, whispering to giraffey, rearranging his toys, poking his head under the blind to stare out the window, or undressing (to varying degrees).

It wasn't technically 'alone' time, but 'time without child'. Usually scared of events that involve corporate-ness/excessive mummy-ness/marketing/excessive use of pink, I braved the recent baby expo with a couple of courageous friends. Channeling my inner-mature-woman (or, at least, my best attempted imagining of her), I tagged along and trusted my pals' keen sense of freebies and worthwhile stalls. It was actually pretty fun!