Friday, June 13, 2014

surrounded by books

 Despite being away for the entire long-weekend, we still managed a quick visit to the Lifeline Bookfest, between swimming lesson and nap time on Tuesday. That he had clear memories of the previous Bookfest (6 months ago) became apparent when he marched in, rounded a corner and made a beeline for the trestle table where we spent quite some time, last time, reading a particular book, and he wanted to repeat this. He was disappointed that he couldn't see the book where he expected it, until I reminded him that we had actually purchased it last time and it lives at our house now. Then he was content to find and read various books while I browsed.

I spent much of Wednesday at the Clarence Corner Bookshop/Cafe, getting some work done and eating tasty potato & leek soup. It was refreshing and productive, and every time I looked up I spied another title or series to investigate.