Thursday, June 12, 2014

long weekend





 Photos vaguely correspond to the following weekend schedule...

Friday night: Lantern Parade. Incredible and uplifting.
Saturday morning: Drive to Mooloolabah. Breakfast at Velo with Auntie and her lovely friend. Play with starfish and jellyfish and Auntie at Underwater World (he). Enjoy quiet walk along esplanade, beach and rocks (me and B).
Saturday afternoon: Arrive at Hervey Bay, long-lost best friend reunion. Run, giggle, shriek, collide. Repeat for many hours, outside and in.
Saturday evening: Burrito dinner and catch-up chats. Fairly successful sleep-over on mattress in bestie's room!
Sunday morning: Hervey Bay markets, beach exploring.
Sunday afternoon/evening: Watch friends' bush band play at very family-friendly event, Maryborough world-record-attempt pub crawl.
Monday morning: Breakfast with friends by the water at Toogum. Throw rocks in water, watch boats and birds. Devour eggs benedict, delicious beans and milkshakes. Hit the road. Stop at awesome Driver Reviver at undefined beautiful location. Thoroughly enjoy the trivia on road signs.
Monday afternoon: Lunch and play with cousin/aunties/uncle in Caloundra . Play and play and play, prolonging drive home for many hours until long-weekend traffic clears up.

(Also, I fixed the video from last Friday's post.)