Thursday, June 19, 2014

fete favourites


He, the boss, dragged his Daddy and Auntie around for the morning, between the playground, snow cones, giant slide, pony rides (so brave!), sushi, mini-train, fire engine, performance stage...

It's no secret that I love a fete, and that my very favourite parts are the 2nd-hand stall and the petting zoo. With no petting zoo at the most recent event, I was free to spend the whole time rummaging through boxes, tables, shelves and racks of potentially incredible treasures. Demonstrating great maturity and self-restraint, I filled just one bag with toys (including the tupperware shape-sorter that I've been hoping to find 2nd-hand for a couple of years now!) and another with clothes. Mainly tiny ones. And I didn't even buy back anything from the dozens of box-loads I had donated to the cause (my good pal was volunteering at the stall). My third favourite thing about a fete is the obligatory and delectable cake stall (of course) but, because we had an abundance of tasty bananas from our little grove at home, I'd already spent the weekend pumping out batches of banana muffins and couldn't really justify buying anything else!