Friday, June 20, 2014

auntie visit (and visit and visit)


 Every morning he shuffled down the hallway, knocked on her door, calling, "Are you awake", waited for her response and then declared, "Let's PLAY!" And so each day of fun began.

My sister called me, earlier in the year, to double-check dates before she booked flights for her Easter trip here to Brisneyland. We had just found out that we were pregnant but weren't quite ready to share the news, however I wanted to make sure she didn't end up regretting coming earlier in the year and not later, once the bub had arrived. I hinted at this and she replied, I'll just come back again! It turned out that she came back a couple of extra times in between, on either end of her trip to Palm Cove for a friend's 40th. So we are getting FOUR visits this year! Three down, one to go! I suspect the next visit will be quite different from the others.