Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Boat Museum!

Guest blogging time from B!

I've been meaning to take him to the Maritime Museum for some time as it seems like a place we would both enjoy in equal measure - and I was mostly correct.

We arrived before opening time and rather then killing the time at a playground, he was happy to keep riding the bike with me, ringing the bell and waving at strangers.  Once inside he loved being able to explore places that we normally look at from behind a fence, from the bike path or from the pedestrian bridge that soars over the top.

By far his favourite thing were the numerous taps in the bathrooms on the Diamantina ship in the dry dock - despite his concern that none of them had soap available. He also loved the propellers. I was surprised by how happy he was exploring the dark depths of the ship.

I heard the old familiar sound of morse code while on the ship, and was happy to find an old Amateur Radio operator inside sending messages to the outside world.  As an ex-Amateur Operator myself (I was VERY cool during high school), we had a great chat (in English, not in Morse Code) about the radio equipment on the ship and the people around the world they had chatted to.

It was great to see such a vibrant museum with so many volunteers doing all sorts of interesting things so landlubbers like me and R can get a taste of maritime life.