Thursday, February 6, 2014

new swimming lessons

His favourite part, without a doubt, is swimming in the little 'elephant' pool before and after his lesson.

I was VERY excited about our new swim school, as I'd heard wonderful reports from other parents in our neighbourhood - including the fact that, from 18 months, kids don't need their parents in the pool with them! Hurrah for floaties and independence-building! I love the water but after a year of weekly lessons at our old swim school, I was very ready to not be needed every time (and to not have to bother with all of the extra organisation and clean-up - particularly in winter)!

We've had 4 lessons there so far:
Week 1. He refused to stay with the teacher, so I had to get into the pool, and he clung tightly to me, squealing relentlessly for the WHOLE 30 minutes. Needless to say, I was a little reluctant to head back again.
Week 2. He insisted I come in the pool again, but moved, fairly happily, between the teacher and I.
Week 3. I didn't need to get into the pool initially. I was cautiously ecstatic! About half way through the lesson, the teacher asked me to come over to see them, and when my little swimmer saw me up close he freaked out and I had to hop in for the remaining 15 minutes or so.
Week 4. I STAYED DRY FOR THE WHOLE LESSON (the photo is my dry swimming clothes)! And then got quite wet when it rained during our bike-ride home...