Wednesday, February 5, 2014

new chickens

 Capalaba Produce is an awesome 'shop' for a toddler! Animals everywhere, just like Wilbur/Charlotte's barn (we're STILL reading Charlotte's Web). He spent the entire visit babbling - a little manic - about what he was seeing and hearing: "I saw a goat. It said 'Meeeeee'. There's a white duck and a brown duck and a black duck! What's it saying? Ducks saying 'waaaack'. What's that? Pig! Pig saying 'pwwwwnfffff'. There's a goat! I saw another goat. What's it doing? Goat said 'naaaaaaahhhhh'. I saw a chicken. Cow! There's a big one! What's it saying? What's that? Goose! Turkey! Gobble gobble gobble..." And on and on...
As always, he loves our chickens, pats them gently and calls them by name.

Of course, due to the animals mentioned above, I was also extremely excited about the 'shop', almost to the point of squealing. Together we named the new chickens: Tall Tower, Triceratops, Yellow Submarine, Henrietta the Third (for our housemate who has had preceding Henriettas). We waited until night time before we put them into the coop (we've heard that, if they don't actually see the new ones arrive, the oldies wake up the next morning and just assume they've all always been there), and so far there doesn't seem to be too much biffo. Or daring acts of escape. Fingers crossed!

PS I haven't blogged about why we had a vacancy for new chickens - it's too sad - we're pretty sure we had a visit from a fox recently.