Sunday, December 1, 2013

tamborine retreat

 His highlights were the kookaburras, horses, trees, flowers, dirt to draw in, sticks to drag, and all of the attention from the big kids. And, surely, wearing awesome pants made by his Mummy.

It's just so lovely to step away from regular life, regularly! Particularly when I'm stepping away with the people I share my regular life with! My highlights were Yahtzee, an afternoon stroll, hearing stories and reflections from others, both car trips, fresh croissants for breakfast, late night chats and seeing very talented friends perform 'Bridge Over Troubled Water" with all 3 of their boys (aged about 8 - 15).

Each year at about this time, there is a retreat/camp/gathering of people from a network/community we're involved in. It's at a camp at Mt Tamborine, and it's just a lovely, mostly-unstructured time away with inspiring, generous, fun, kind people.