Saturday, December 7, 2013

lots of words

He's really been working on his words lately. We hear him in his bed (supposed to be going to sleep), practising, repeating, changing sentences. Some examples:
- Floating on water like a boat. (Playing in his friend's paddle pool, pictured!)
- Oh, look at that orange crane! (We get many versions of "Oh, look at that....")
- From little things, big things grow! (He obviously didn't form this one himself, but we love it when he says it, anyway!)
- Like to go inside that building! (Many sentences begin with "Like to" or "Like a" if he wants to do or have something.)
- Good morning, it's nice to see you! (Another one that he didn't form himself, but has learned to say, if prompted!)
- Mummy sing about sunshine again! (His favourite song for me to sing/play on the uke is "You are my Sunshine", and he knows I'm singing it about him. I've changed the lyrics to make it not-creepy-stalker-ish... Have you ever read all of the original verses? Scary.)
- Bec, can I see your toothbrush, please? (He has a thing about toothbrushes.)
- I turned it off. It's on! It's off! I turned it on! (Also while he was supposed to be sleeping. It turns out he had worked out how to operate his wall fan, which turns on with a string that hangs over his bed - he's tall enough now.)
- Giraffey go to work with Daddy! (Giraffey goes just about everywhere, lately.)
- Open this big big big big box. (Does it count as a 7 word sentence if 4 of the words are the same?!)
- Oval with letters on it. (He describes things beautifully!)
- Draw a star on my hand. (Frequently.)
- Marcella gave me a balloon. Which colour do you like? I like red. (He was given a balloon this week at playgroup, and later was recounting the conversation he had with Marcella - what she said and what he said.)

We began filling in the SEVENTEEN pages of forms required for him to start at Daycare next year (he's been offered a place, one day a week - Mondays, starting at the end of January). I think it must be the final test - we only deserve the place if we can be bothered spending the time to read the 9 documents and fill in 17 pages of forms! Now, tell me that's not the most fun ever had on a Thursday evening!