Monday, December 23, 2013

library amnesty tins

I don't know if he was more impressed by the tree or the mountains of colourful tins below it, but he wanted to stay and stare for quite a while.

I knew that our council libraries regularly had an 'amnesty' where you can bring in a tin of food to donate to a charity foodbank and, in exchange, they cancel your late fees. I thought this was such a lovely idea but had never needed to make use of it. Until now. Serendipitously, I had my first overdue book just as this year's Christmas amnesty was announced! I had been quite flustered that we couldn't find the book (yes, I know - that means 'lost', not just 'late'). I had been looking for weeks, and even found it once, before it disappeared again. But, in the week before Christmas, on the morning that we were already planning on heading to the library with friends, I looked in one last place (of course) and there, like a bright red beacon, was "Purr", staring up at me, asking to go home for Christmas. B said he thought I'd seen a spider by the volume of the scream I let out when I found it!