Tuesday, November 19, 2013

like old times

His sister-friends met him just a few hours after he was born, and were incredibly loving and inclusive when he was a teeny bub. They currently live far away, but when we're all back together for a visit, the girls practically drown him in affection and attention and he adores them. I know he'll be asking for them for many days (weeks...) after they're gone.

It has been such a lovely treat to have our very dear friends staying this weekend. After dinner at the Clarence Sunday night, after all of the kids went to bed, we four grown-ups sat on our couch, drinking wine and eating chocolate. It really felt just like old times. I don't have a photo of this, so I'm using a silly one that is truly of 'old times', maybe 10 years ago on a road trip south. Long before any 'he' or 'shes'.