Wednesday, November 20, 2013

climate rally

 Sunday was the National Day of Climate Action. We rode into town and based ourselves at the BZE stand (where B was being useful). He enjoyed the colours (most people wore 'hot' red/orange/yellow colours) and the energy, and wandered off for frequent quick adventures: to meet puppies, to get close to the stage, to find friends, to catch bubbles, to dance, to watch big kids playing, to steal biscuits from the First Aid tent...

It was such a positive, energetic event. I love how strangers come together when something really (REALLY) matters. My selfish highlight, however, was seeing John Butler and Mama Kin perform! And when the crowd joined in on their continued refrain, "From little things, big things grow." (If you ask my little guy about John Butler, on stage, playing music, he'll say, "Big things" because this was his highlight, too.)


We really hope that he grows up caring about the world. We want to continue to expose him to opportunities which empower him to affect change. We want him to be informed and compassionate and bold. We want him to keep his eyes and ears open.
Simply the fact that he exists has inspired us, more than ever, to take action when it comes to the world's future (that is, his future).