Tuesday, September 24, 2013

while auntie was here

He learnt to ride his bike! Feet on pedals and all. Only when Daddy started him off, and only down our short, sloped path (where gravity sneakily lends a hand). But, still! Auntie was there to cheer during each attempt. He has thoroughly enjoyed her visit - knocking on her door each morning, showing her all of his favourite toys/places/people/songs/books, and requesting songs from her, over and over. She will be missed!

B and I took advantage of the live-in babysitter (who baby is so fond of) and had dinner out at The Crosstown, from where our memories of past tasty food experiences surpass almost anywhere else we've eaten, anywhere! And again, years later (the last time we ate there was my birthday two years ago, before the need for babysitters, and immediately before a Cyndi Lauper concert!) the food was just so tasty. Our table was in a little courtyard, and our server told us a story about the canvas sail/shade/roof. It was replaced a year ago, after someone fell through it and broke their leg while trying to rob the place!