Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Yes, I bought knives for my toddler! In my defense, they are designed to chop everything other than fingers. So he can help with food preparation, or just chop up his own dinner. But only when we have lots of time to spare...

We finally bought a food processor. It was ridiculously exciting. 
We chose one with the blender attachment, and lots of other clever things, and for the first week we used it for almost every meal we prepared. The most exciting, so far, was making savoury muffins. In my pre-food-processor life this took AGES - finely chopping and grating a mountain of herbs, veggies and cheese, but now this part of the preparation takes a couple of seconds! I'm a little bit excited. He has become quite obsessed with smoothies/juice. Now, whenever he hears it roaring, he runs to the kitchen, saying, "Noisy! Juice! Yum! I some!"