Wednesday, September 11, 2013



We've been meaning to visit the Paddington Antique Centre, so took Granny there after Tiny Tots, as it's just up the street! It's an old theatre with a fascinating history and a very blue ceiling. He found plenty to point to and talk about; his favourite find was Roy the Robot (made from old bits of machinery). I probably should have known not to tell him that his Great Grandpa was also named Roy, as (of course) he now thinks that the robot is his grandpa. "Woy. Wobot. Gampa." The centre has a lovely cafe, with free babycinos and a toy tea-set. Oh yes, I think we'll be going back.

Another 'meaning to for ages' was the job of labeling my tea tins. Of course, I know which type of tea lives in which tin. However, although it's always an opportunity for a fun guessing game for others (and a lot of others do regularly make themselves a cup of tea here), it seemed appropriate to provide some guidance. I used small pieces of blackboard contact paper and chalk, so that I can change the labels depending on what we have.