Wednesday, June 19, 2013

out to dinner with the grandparents

He took his parents and grandparents to our favourite toddler-friendly dinner venue (Coorparoo Bowls Club) on Wednesday evening. He had such a great time crawling on couches, strutting around the place like it was his own, building with their blocks and toys, boogying, and snacking on everyone's dinner. It just so happened to be Music Bingo night, and despite his distracted, nonchalant attitude towards the game (continually implying that the music was old and that he didn't recognise much of it), he managed to come 3rd (the only one from our table to score a prize) and received the coveted honour of choosing something from "The Bag of Crap" (1st and 2nd prize are wine and food - much less crappy, but much less fun for him). His little hand foraged around in the bag for a while until he lifted it out, grasping THREE (crap) prizes. Which he was allowed to keep. Two were silly, shiny, tinselled, noise-making whistle/streamers, and one was a beer-branded bottle opener on a lanyard. Funny.

I have a cousin who lives in the same city as me! She's the oldest cousin on my Dad's side, and I'm the youngest (so I'm actually closer in age to her kids than to her), but this still isn't a great excuse for not catching up very often! We always enjoy it when we do hang out. Anyway, while my parents were visiting, she spent an evening with us, a lovely stroll and dinner at the pub. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the easy conversation and stories of people I have so much in common with, yet know so little of. I really am fascinated by families (both those of blood and those of choice) and relationships and connections and I always feel quite reflective after a meeting like this.