Tuesday, June 18, 2013

garden goodness

 There's only so long that a little cherub can stay cooped up inside on a rainy day. So, as it became clear that the relentless drizzle/pour/drizzle/pour pattern would not be broken, he had his first proper session of rain gardening. Such fun! I recently bought him some gorgeous red firemen gumboots at an op shop, and even though he loves to name them, "Boots! Boots!", he struggles to actually walk (forward) in them (the slow, careful sideways shuffle is seriously belly-grabbing hilarious to watch), so this was one aspect of rain gardening that will have its debut another (wet) time.

I bought seedlings from our Sunday markets - it's super fun because you get to buy a mixed tray, with any combination you choose. I am most excited about the brussel sprouts because I'd never seen how they grow - check out the picture on the label! Looks like they were all glued on for a prank. We'll see!

We came home the other night to find a paper bag full of green goodies, thanks to lovely neighbours up the hill.