Wednesday, May 8, 2013

new activities

 He had his second session of Tiny Tots on Monday. My goodness, the place is toddler paradise! A huge space with soft floors, music, hoops, balls, dancing, singing (and fans!) ... and another room full of colourful play and climbing equipment. And about a thousand he-sized people! It's also the kind of place we run into a few of his friends. Such is our current demographic! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

After increasing protestations from an aching hip (or two, sometimes), I've decided to give jogging a break, and see if I can be the kind of person who rides a bike for fitness (I've seen them - I know that they exist). I've always been happy to do it for transport, and even just for fun, but this will require every ounce of willpower I can find in the early mornings. It's a completely different kind of pedaling...