Monday, May 6, 2013

joy & sorrow


He genuinely finds joy in small and beautiful things! ...An unexpected sound made by tapping one toy on another! ...The way it feels to make a new funny sound with his tongue! ...The satisfaction of successfully opening (or closing) a box or a door! ...A smile or a funny face from a friend! ...A plane or helicopter flying overhead! ...Succeeding in communicating something to his parents! ...Figuring out how something works! ...Recognising someone, something or somewhere! ...Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! He walked the whole way home from the train station this noon, and we stopped to pick, smell, touch (or to simply acknowledge by name) every flower ("faa-waa"). I don't usually use this many photos on one blog post ...but all of the above must stay together!

I've been warmly joyful too, with some precious hours over the weekend spent laughing, drawing, eating, cuddling and catching up with a couple different gatherings of people who are very dear to me, who I do not see often (one - due to distance, the other - shamefully, due to laziness... busyness... life rolling by!). A late-evening hour on Saturday spent with a skinny, kind, sleeping 4-year-old cherub on my lap was a delightful and refreshing treat. Moments the following evening spent playing, drawing, stamping, chatting with a creative, caring, generous 8-year-old were incredibly special.

  Incongruously, deep sorrow is currently traveling alongside the great joys in my life. I've been shedding tears intermittently throughout the past week. My heart is simply aching for a dear friend.

It astounds me that we humans are capable of genuinely experiencing such polar emotions within days, hours, minutes of each other.