Monday, April 29, 2013

screen time

We've started having play dates with lovely new friends in the neighbourhood. The plan is that while the little people explore and eat each others' food, the big people chat and take turns 'getting stuff done'. This week we chatted a bit about how we feel about 'screen time'. We're both keen to keep it to a minimum for a while yet (his only screen time is spent skyping far-away friends and family, and watching nursery rhymes on youtube once a week while I cut his nails!). However, we wanted to see how the little people interacted with the 'piano' game on her screen. The 6 months' age difference meant a big difference in their responses. He quickly figured it out and used one finger to press different keys, while little-she grinned and tapped the screen with her whole hand. Fun for all, and very cute to observe!

I was lucky to be the one to 'get stuff done' this time. I took my laptop along and finished putting together my new website!