Tuesday, April 30, 2013

family bike ride

He conducted a rigorous safety inspection before agreeing to hop on the bike with Dadda. 
He seems to be getting used to the whole process, it must be about time for me to take him on my bike.

We rode to Reverse Garbage, to see my guitar picks in the gift shop and to pick up a few bits and pieces for his explorer-board, then to the bike shop to buy me a new helmet - my old one was an oddly discoloured shadow of its former self. My incredible maturity was displayed when I chose the ugly, practical, light, well-vented option over the colourful, patterned, heavy and less comfortable ones. With the hindsight that comes from a simple bit of too-late googling, we should have bought it online (for half the price). Oh well...


The other stop on our family ride was a playground (we're keen to check out all of the parks within riding distance). All tuckered out, it was time for a rest and a well-earned drink of milk.