Saturday, March 2, 2013

rainy friday in sydney

 The Powerhouse Museum was the perfect solution for a rainy day in Sydney. The quest to get there included a walk in the rain, a bus, another walk in the rain, a train and one more walk in the rain. We were rewarded with a gorgeous museum with HEAPS of baby/toddler-friendly activities. 

When he was all tuckered out, snoozing in the pram, I had a thoroughly lovely wander around some of the other exhibitions, notably a Muslim Womens' Fashion in Australia exhibition and an absolutely breathtaking Lace exhibition. 

Another rainy walk and train ride to meet B (and all of our luggage) and head to the friends' adorable terrace house where we're staying for the weekend. Running early, we 3 stopped at a lovely dry pub with lounges, a lit fireplace and room to play.