Sunday, March 3, 2013

bridges, buttons, burgers

Sydney Park has a gorgeous playground, wetlands, a city farm, dog park, bushland, green hills... What more could a little blonde boy want?

I had a couple of hours on my own to wander along King Street, through Newtown. I found my new favourite shop - "All Buttons Great and Small". And an 'Egan' street sign which someone had written a 'V' on the front of, which made me grin. Then we caught up with an inspiring friend who told stories of spinning her own wool out of locally-sourced poodle and bunny fur, then all had lunch and play at Berkelouw Books - with a vegan cafe and a nice kids' play space. 

Mmmm... Much to our delight, Sydney is trialing food vans, which brought back some tasty Portland memories. Dinner at the Veggie Patch - haloumi burger, zucchini burger, bliss balls, grapefruit juice. Yes, there are herbs growing on the wall.