Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I bought this little tupperware tower at Lifeline (pre-arson Lifeline) quite a while ago, and have found the perfect use for it. Every day, when we go out, he has a selection of foods to snack on, in their own little sections. Life just got that little bit better the day we realised that a rice cake fits perfectly. His other favourites at the moment are hommus on flat bread, kiwi fruit, dried apple, vegemite and cheese spread sandwiches, cheese (of course), olives and tomato wedges. 

I've been putting together a recipe book using recipes that Nana had hand-written on scraps of paper over the years. My last few weeks have been all about Nana and recipes. Last night we sent it off to the online publishers! With an order of 35 copies so far. It's a big family.